Wanna login to any mail that supports pop3? Why not try this email client, FLURRY.. You can retrieve your email webbased to read on your phone. Minimum requirement of your phone has to be supported by java, and it is recomended symbian. Just go to wap.flurry.com or http://www.flurry.com and signup your mail accout there. Then download the flurry email client and put the PIN requested. TRY IT OUT!


Perihal maxx
Dulu saya sekolah di SMK Jurusan Sekretaris, dan pernah kuliah di FKIP Untan Jurusan PBS (Bahasa Inggris) - tidak kelar sih. Saya hanya blogger biasa, tidak sedang berusaha menghasilkan uang lewat ngeblog, tapi jika ada yang mau ngasih uang kepada saya, gak bakalan saya tolak. Hehehe... Just Kidding! Happy surfing, moga menemukan apa yang teman-teman cari!

One Response to FLURRY

  1. remon says:

    I got flurry on my mobile phone, good application. It could fetch any email accounts, pop3 and also web-mail (setup first from their website using PC internet connection). But their server frequently don’t divert incoming mails TIMELY, and meanwhile, they divert outgoing mails OnTime (sometimes delayed until 6 hours).
    I didn’t use it as Incoming mail client anymore for that reason.
    But I still use it as Outgoing mail client, because it gives minimum GPRS cost, compared with other apps.
    1> I make outgoing mail “offline” first (just one mail), send it offline (there is error msg), quit application.
    2> Turn on applic again, but this time “online”. Right after show-up “msg sent” on the screen, hurrily quit applic.
    With this way, I could save massaging cost Up To 50%.
    But a friend complain, his flurry (newer version) didn’t work as well as mine to do that way. I dont know why.

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